Electric paraglider set

is a complete system...

EXOMO is a powerfull complete system with a motor assembly, a battery and a charger dedicated to the electric paramotors and paragliders, the power is controlled by an electronic throttle grip with a control screen.

The EXOMO packs are equipped with a flexible engine mounting and a connection "plug & play" for direct and quick installation on the frames of existing paramotors, without any technical knowledge.
Equipped with a powerful engine of 20 HP, this electric kit provides access to easy and silent flight: you connect the battery and you fly !
Maintenance free and charged at a very low cost, an electric paramotor EXOMO is a worthwhile investment of time, money and pleasure !

The EXOMO engines are developed and assembled to aircraft specifications at ACS, the aeronautical specialist of electrical propulsion that makes for AIRBUS GROUP INNOVATIONS the electric airplane E-FAN.

The quality of these engines have already been proven with the success of two packs EXOMO "Slalom" created for electric powered paraglider slalom competitions and our pilots are world champions in this category (Legnica 2015 - Poland).

electric motor for paraglider

Flying with your power pack EXOMO is:

  • Always be ready to fly in minutes.
  • Take off from home side in peace.
  • Fly comfortably and enjoy the thermals.
  • Fill clean energy at home.
  • Flying without maintenance with an exemplary reliability.
Exomo electric engine


To achieve efficient machines, every detail of the design has been studied to provide the maximum endurance while providing a simple and practical use

  • The engine, compact and without reduction has been tested in the most difficult conditions, it offers reliability and exemplary power, its 15 Kw are equivalent to a 25HP gasoline engine.
  • The carbon propellers from E-props are light and optimized, with the four-bladed prop, the thrust is over 60Kg.

Battery power

From the latest Li-ion technologies, the batteries are able to delivering significant energy
and they allows you to fly by modulating the autonomy as needed:

15 min

25 Ah > For paragliders as auxiliary engine.

30 to 45 minutes

45 Ah > For the local flights around the field.

60 min

One hour of autonomous flight.

The official EXOMO electric training centers:

Alex & Marie Mateos
The World Paramotor Champions 2016

George Blottin
The 1st all electric training center

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